Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Social media provides libraries with the opportunity to develop and maintain communication with users and gives the patrons a channel  to interact with the library.  Social media helps the library to reach out to their community and provide information in an accessible way.

Different social media tools allows users to share postings, links images between staff and library users. These may include Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Instagram or You -Tube.  It will assists with information sharing, improving reference services and promoting library services.

Using a variety of social media tools benefit the library by:
  • Encouraging two way communication between the library and its users.
  • Promotes easy communication of library services available to the community.
  • Provides a online learning space where users can share information.
  • The promotion of library events such as exhibitions, competitions, seminars etc.
  • Access to patrons, staff and users ideas, comments and suggestions
  • Efficient way to deliver library services and promote new library collections.
  • Improves library visibility in the community.
  • Provides a channel of delivering news, alerts and library updates.
 As new social platforms develop libraries will need to choose and update the social media platform that best works for their library and users. Effective use of social media can make the library more effective in the community.


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