Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Instagram is a free online program and social network that enables users to take photos using their smart phones. It allows you to put all sort of filters, effects on the images, hash tags and share photos with other users via the Instagram platform.

Ways Instagram can be used in libraries:
  • Libraries can show off their collection and surroundings.  Libraries can take photos of new releases ,bookshelves, and architecture.
  • Promote and publicise events and services. - Before an event a  library can share photos of event posters and staff preparing for the event to create  interest and excitement.
  • Show user what goes on behind the scenes of a library- A way to involve the patrons in the library and also provides an understanding of what  library staff  roles entail.
  • Introduce staff- Take photo of staff in their workplace to make libraries seem more friendly and approachable.
  • Marketing - Libraries can take photos of printed flyers and printed flyers turning them into in digital ones and posting  them  on Instagram to reach a greater audience.
Instagram is a social network platform through which libraries can share news, achievements and images of everyday life in a library to increase interest into the library.

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