Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Pinterest is an image bookmarking social media website. Users can create and store images on a  pin board and display images form web pages. It allows you to  pin images that you find  on the net into your own image wall. To create and mange a theme based photo collection.

Ways libraries are using Pinterest :
  • Pinning book covers - It gives readers an easy way of selecting  books to read from a visual list
  • Reading list - Libraries can post reading lists to encourage reading
  • Showing off the library - A great way to attract new members to the library
  • Promoting library activities - It ensures patrons are aware  of upcoming events in the library
  • Sharing collections - Libraries can showcase their collections
  • Way to interacting with patrons - Pinterest  helps promote awareness to books, reading challenges, contests and events in the community.
  • Letting users know about new releases - Libraries can inform patrons of new releases that member may have been waiting for.
  • Assist with research - Libraries can post materials to assist patrons who need specific information and show cases libraries archives.
Pinterest is  a great tool that  can be used in a variety ways to make a library stand out and interact with their patrons.

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