Thursday, 5 March 2015


Scoop it is a free web based tool that allows you to bring together a collection of articles, blogs and materials about a topic of your choice in a  magazine format. You can collect a wide range of resources before starting any research. Scoop it assists libraries to discover, manage and publish content visibly online. 

Uses of Scoop it in libraries :
  • Scoop it allows libraries to select, present, maintain and collect digital information in one place.
  • The structure of scoop it allows the library to group items together into a meaningful collection. It a great way for libraries to assist in locating resources and information with minimal effort.
  • Its a way libraries of creating library pathfinders to assist to find and share resources quickly and easily.
  • It gives library an attractive service.
  • Collect resources at a variety of reading levels on a particular topic or area of study.
  • Scoop it pulls together groups of related websites to share with others or to keep in ready reference.

Scoop it is a great social media channel that is easy to navigate in  assisting libraries to capture, organize and distribute vast amount of information quickly.

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