Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Facebook is a social network site that allows users to create a profile page. Once created  users can post photos, link to websites, and post information about what they are doing at a given moment.

Libraries use Facebook primarily to promote library events, as a marketing tool and to create library awareness.

Uses of Facebook in a library:
  • Library news and events - Updating patrons and users about what is happening in the library
  • New additions to the library collection - Informing patrons about new releases.
  • Links. -Web content may assist patrons and provide patrons with access to library's website.
  • Community information - Inform patrons about events happening in the community.
  • Solicits feedback - Provides an opportunity to have conversation with patrons.
  • Able to respond to users - Address patrons concerns/questions.
  • Marketing - show off the library's displays, books and surroundings to make library more inviting.
 Platforms such as Facebook are a useful tools that provides an insight into there patrons needs which will assist with the library to understand their patrons better.

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