Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Twitter is a free social network and communication tool that lets you send short messages of up to 140 characters to groups of friends via The Twitter website. Twitter allows users to provide and receive instant updates from their followers. Libraries are using Twitter in a way to connect with patrons and other library professionals.

Libraries can use Twitter for a variety of purposes:
  • Libraries can use it to listen to what their users are thinking about the library.
  • Libraries can use Twitter to make connections to people and organizations within their community.
  • Libraries use Twitter to promote their programs and services.
  • Build conversations with patrons and users.
  • Gives patrons a way of asking questions about specific materials.
  • Send  alerts about requesting materials
  • Update patrons on new tools and applications that are being used in the library.
  • Use Twitter to point out highlights on the library opening hours

Twitter gives libraries  an opportunity to engage readers and share information quickly not just with patrons but also people outside the library who are interested in a variety topics.

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